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            As you may know the holy month of Ramadan is approaching, and in Padel Qatar we are hosting our second edition of the Ramadan Padel Teams Tournament

            This event will be host between the 6th of May and the 4th of June in all our branches.

            Every team has to have a captain and minimum 6 players, as the timmings and schedules will be set by the organization and a minimum of players must be guarantee. Captain can be (or not) a player. We invite you to create your own outfit and name for the team.

  • It will be a league format with groups of 3 teams each group.
  • The first 2 from each group will go a knock out draw.
  • Every journey will be played between two teams and consists on 3 matches, as you can see below:

Team A


Team B

1st match

1st  Team A


1st  Team B

2nd match

2nd Team A


2nd Team B

3rd match

3rd Team A


3rd Team B


            The teams who win two or more matches get the victory of the day, which means +2 points.

            If the team show up with less than 4 players the will be given the match as no presented with -1 points. One player can only play in one team.

            Rules and regulations will be updated.

            The registration fee of the Tournament is 1.500 QAR PER TEAM.

            To sign up please fill the enclosed sheet and send it to: before the 30th of April 2019 at midnight.



Dear all.

We are glad to announce that the next stage of QPT is coming soon. 

The Aspire Open will be held from 3 to 8 of March. 

The deadline for inscriptions is thursday 28th of February. Hurry up to enroll.

For registrations please visit our website: or send an email to with the name of both players, phone and email and also the size of your T-shirt for the welcome pack.

We wait you all. 

Best regards



Dear all,

Qatar National Sports Day is already here. Next tuesday 12th of February play padel FOR FREE in our facilities.

Come and celebrate with us this fantastic day by playing your favourite sport in Qatar.

Don't forget to book your court in advance to play.

Our branches will be open from 8 am until 00 am in 


             Al Arabi

             Aspire Park

and from 4 pm to 00 am

             Al Wakrah 

            Qatar Women Sports Committee.

We hope to see you all in the courts.

Smile and enjoy.


Dear Padel lovers,

We want to inform you that our Padel Academy is growing up, but we still have some places availables in diferrent times and days. Also for all of you who can not save one fixed day a week to practice, we still have our vouchers so you can go at you own pace. 

The padel kids has already started, we have groups from 7 years old. The price is still the same: 400QAR a month, one class a week in group of 4 kids. 

This month of February don't miss our new activities.

- Thematic classes: where each day we will show you how to do an specific shot or a tactic situation  

- Open Game: No partner needed, just reserve your place and meet new people, perfect for those who want to play and don't have time to organice matches.

- 1 day tournament: One day of competition, 3 matches in a group of 4 teams, the winners qualify for next round.  

You can now join them and if you have any question or need more information please feel free contacting us. 

We hope to see you all soon. 


All ready for the second stage of the Qatar Padel Tour. This time the best players in Qatar won't miss the chance to battle and keep fighting for the race of the master finals. 

The stroger team, Abdulaziz Saadon and Mohammed Saadon will play in different team to prove themselves they can win no matter with who. 

Also in this tournament the category B seems stronger than ever. We would like to thank Santiago Prieto and Edward, representing Equatorial Guinea, for coming up here. They will have a lot to tell us, we are sure they will enjoy our lovely country. 

Keep update in our social media for the results, but this is not all, the finals will be streaming online in our Facebook and Youtube channel. 

We are happy to have you around. So come and enjoy the show. 

Good luck all the players. 





Padel Manager becomes the Official App of the circuit.

With this new tool, users will enjoy faster registrations, customized notifications, instant message in the schedule changes, check update rankings, you can also see live score matches in order to follow the event from anywhere and much more functions. With this APP Qatar Padel Tour will be as professional as the best global circuits.

To download the app, just click the following link:

Or just visit

Here you have some links to see how the app works in this tutorial videos.


Qatar Padel Tour continues its efforts to create the best international padel experience.


From Padel Qatar we continue with the firm intention of bringing the padeL to all corners and finally we can present our new facilities in Aspire. Two spectacular panoramic courts with orange carpet in an unbeatable place.

This Saturday, December 15th, we will kick off from 10 a.m. this new center with a free express tournament for all of you  who wants to try the new courts. 

To register just send an email to with time availability.

You can find us in Aspire, after the Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel.

We wait for you!



Hello all padel lovers.

We want to inform you that the first stage of the leagues has ended on time.

The next stage will start on December 1st.

Everyone can join, the deadline for registrations is this Wednesday  9/12/2018.

This new stage will have a “week of challenge” where you can challenge people from the league above to take their place and change the division following the next instructions:

1st of each division can challenge the 5th of the division right on top.

2nd of each division can challenge the 4th of the division on top. 

(if the league has 6 teams the 1st would challenge the 5th and the 2nd the 4th one)

To call the challenge it is required to have played all the matches programmed until the week of challenge otherwise you won’t have the right to challenge. 

  • What happen if you change the division in the challenge week?

You will take the points, sets and games of the team you change the division with.


Abdulla and Hamad position 2 of division 3 challenge Ruben and Carlos position 5 division 2.

Abdulla and Hamad wins. So they start the next week in position 5 of division 2 and they will follow the schedule programmed before for Ruben and Carlos.

You can now all register via:

- APP (padel qatar)



- 50300563


Smily & Enjoy.


The draws for both categories are done and we are ready to kick off the OPEN AL WAKRAH, the first stage of the Qatar Padel Tour powered by AUDI, where the best rackets will fight to start the race for the master finals. 

First day of competition begins with the Category B, on Tuesday 27th November, with an interesting last 16 round matches.The favourites can not relax on this first stage with a draw that feels really tough. Here is the full draw for Category B:

Moving on with the draw of Category A. It's true that we are missing some strong teams but we don't hesitate they will prepare for the next stage in January. Meanwhile we delight ourselves with this standout clash match in quarterfinals between Jassim Al Mulla -  Mousa Zayed vs Khaled Saadon - Mohammed Alshaabi. This match will be the first one of this category. Here is the full draw for Category A:

There will be more matches with the consolation draw that will be done once we start knowing the score of the first rounds. Please be tuned and don't forget to pass by the facilities of Padel Qatar in Al wakrah Sports Complex. The best padel in Qatar awaits for you.... 

See you all in the courts. 


Qatar Padel Tour is a National Circuit that will showcase the best of the best padel in Qatar.

We have merged strenghts with Audi to be able to offer you a unique and exciting tour full of prizes for its two categories. 

Don't miss out the opportunity of becoming part of Qatar official rank of best padel players. Join now to participate.


Hello padel lovers

Summer is gone and the "good weather" is coming.

We keep promoting the padel and the competition and this time we launch a new league for all players divided by divisions. We hope the following info explain you all the conditions and the rundown of the competition. (men and ladies) 

We wait you all inside the courts.

Padel Qatar Leagues

Fall 2018


- 1ST Stage: 

                    15 Oct - 18 Nov

- 2ND Stage:

                     19 Nov - 19 Dec


- Registration by pairs          - Always same partner

- 5 pairs each division          - 4 matches per stage

- 1st - 2nd ascend division   - 4th - 5th descend division

- 1 match a week                  - Fee 300 qar / stage per person



- Match won:          3 points

- Match lost 3 sets: 2 points

- Match lost 2 sets: 1 point

- Match not played: -1 point

Ladies Padel League

Fall 2018


- Group Stage: 

                    15, 22, 29 Oct  and 5 Nov

- Play-off Stage:

                     12 Nov


- Registration by pairs         - 4 pairs each group

- 1 day each group              - 1st and 2nd qualified

- 12 Nov Play-off draw        - Inscriptions 150 Qar / per person



- Group stage

                      1 set up to 6 games (6-6 Tie-break)

- 4 matches minimum

- Play-off day

                       Depending number of registered. 1st 2nd place 1/4finals, 1/2 final and final

                                                                             Consolation draw 3rd 4th place group stages. 





tel: 5030 0563



Already one year since we opened. It’s a special date for us so we want to organize a special event. 

The 14, 15 of September we will launch in QSC and Al Arabi our first year Anniversary tournament. (teams of 2 players each)

Main info:
-    Category A: Groups of 4 teams + Main draw
-    Category B: Groups of 4 teams + Main draw
The 14 of September (QSC, Al Arabi)

-    Group Stage at 6 pm. 3 match minimum 
Match format: 1 set. In case of 6-6, tie-break. 

The 15 of September (Al Arabi)

-    Not before 6 pm
-    Main draw: for the first and second place of each group.
-    Consolation draw: for the third and fourth place of each group. 
Match format:   2 sets won, In case of 1 set all, tie-break.
-    Welcome pack for every participant
-     Lots for winners and finalist
-    Fruit and water during the tournament
-    150qar per person
-    Select Category
-    Name, phone number and email for both participants of each team
-    Send email of confirmation to:
-    Last day inscriptions: September 12th at 2pm


Padel Qatar Team

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