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01/01/2022 New Year, New Court, New Sponsor and new material

Dear padel lovers,

We hope you all are safe and sound.

First of all we'd like to wish you a happy year 2022 full of padel and resuming the enjoyment of this sport that has brought many people together and of which we are proud to see how it continues to grow.

We hope to present you soon the opening of a new State-in-the-Art court at our Aspire location...and some other surprise that you will surely like.

We are also happy to intoduce you the entry of Qatarat as a sponsor of Padel Qatar. It is the one and only sport drink made in the State of Qatar, with very special and original flavors. We accepted to be together because of its high quality product. We foresee great success to them.

New shoes and racquets from 2022 season are available already and the old models are for sale with 30% discount.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any enquiries on the contact number +974 3381 2201

In the meantime please stay safe and take care of yourselves and the others.

Smile & Enjoy

02/01/2021 ROUND 3 League 2020-2021

Dear padel lovers,

From the 10th of January 2021 until 13th of February 2021 we will celebrate the 3rd round of the league. From now on you can register online or at Aspire courts.


Looking forward to seeing you enjoying the league and meeting many people new to play.

Happy new year full of health and padel!!!

Padel Qatar Team

  • Maximum of 8 teams per category and minimum of 6.
  • Match to be played at Aspire Courts

There are 32 days to play 5 to 7 matches (depending number of teams per category)

Each team has to play all matches to complete the round. 

At the end of the round the first 2 teams from each category will be promoted (except category 1) and the last 2 teams from each category will be relegated (except last category)

Registration fees of 50QAR per player and after normal 90'  booking wll be applied 


  • The winner of each match will be the best of 3 sets
  • 3 set is a super tie break (10 points with a difference of 2)
  • In case of doubt during a point the point will be repeated.
  • Match WON will add 2 points to the team while match LOST will be 0 (zero)
  • Match PLAYED will add 1 point
  • A 10 minutes courtesy will be granted before the start of each match
  • After accomplished the 10 minutes of courtesy the team not ready at the court will be considered as W.O. (Walk Over)
  • The final group allocation for each team is at discretion of Padel Qatar
  • Each game in case of deuce will be decided by the rule of Golden Point.

Dear padel players,

With sadness, we have to communicate that Padel Qatar didn’t arrive to an agreement with Al Arabi SC management to renew the leasing of the space where the padel courts are. For that reason, we are forced to shut down our facilities there.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience it caused to you but we will continue working to offer you soon new places to play.

Best wishes,

Padel Qatar Team